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Organic Chemistry I
Laboratory Course Description

Students enrolled in  Organic Chemistry I are required to attend one 3-hour laboratory session each week.  Laboratory sessions will meet  the first week of classes.  During the first lab period, you will be assigned to a work area (bench and hood space), and a laboratory drawer with glassware and equipment.  Weekly attendance at your scheduled lab sessions is mandatory.

The organic chemistry laboratory is designed to expose students to common methods and techniques used by organic and medicinal chemists to synthesize, purify and identify organic compounds.  Some of the experiments in the organic lab help to reinforce concepts, ideas and reactions that are discussed in the lecture portion of the course and some of the lab exercises are lessons in techniques or protocols that are not discussed in lecture.  The laboratory  provides students with the opportunity to experience hands-on procedures and assays that are typically used to obtain information about organic compounds.  Ultimately, the student should develop an appreciation for the intense and meticulous efforts that are necessary for preparing, purifying and accurately identifying organic compounds and drug  molecules. Lab material will be covered on hourly exams. 

Each week, students will be required to complete three distinct parts of a laboratory experiment:  1) a pre-lab assignment, 2) the experimental procedure, and 3) post-lab assignments.   There will be weekly quizzes and laboratory technique will be regularly assessed by instructors.