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Organic Chemistry I
Laboratory Techniques

Good lab technique ensures reliable results and a safe work environment.  Practicing good lab technique throughout  each lab experiment requires preparation, focussed attention and an understanding of the materials and equipment used in the lab.   Studnets in organic chemistry are expected to be familiar with basic laboroatory glassware and some simple procedures from experiments that were perfromed in pre-requisite lab course, including  gravity and vacuum filtration,
melting point determination, thin layer chromatography, and infrared spectroscopy.

Your lab technique grade will be based upon how you handle yourself in the laboratory.  The technique grade will be determined based on your ability to work independently, preparation, safety, neatness, effort and effectiveness in completing the experiment accurately and in a timely fashion.  Your lab instructor will evaluate you during each lab period on these points using the technique rubric.

Preparation for the laboratory should include reading through the entire experiment to be performed that week.   The pre-lab assignment should be completed before coming into the laboratory.   These pre-lab exercises will help you understand what you will be doing in the lab, and allow you to work quickly and independently through the experiment.  Be sure to bring your notebook, safety goggles and lab coat with you each week.  Review any safety precautions which are relevant to the experiment.  Preparedness allows you to work more efficiently and productively in the laboratory.

Neatness is very important in the organic laboratory.  A clean bench will allow you to recovered a spilled product.  Clean glassware is also extremely important.  A dirty flask can be disastrous to an experiment.  A tidy laboratory is also a much safer place to work.  Clean all your glassware and work area before leaving the laboratory so as to have a fresh start at the next lab period.

Your laboratory technique grade will also depend on how hard you try in the laboratory.  It is understood that all experiments do not always work according to the procedure outlined in the book, however a sincere effort when working in the laboratory is expected and will make the lab experience more valuable to you.