Organic Chemistry I

Three, topic-specific exams will be given during the semester (See syllabus for the schedule).  Exams will consist of 20-25 multiple choice questions.  The content of the exam questions for a given exam will be taken from presented lecture and laboratory material.

Solutions to the exam questions will be posted on this page of the course website.  Typically the first review session immediately following the exam will be used to address questions about the exam.   You may come to my office during office hours or at another scheduled time to discuss the exam and/or your grade only after attending the review session.

All exam grades will be counted and weighted equally. Grades for exams will be posted on Blackboard.  Your exam average will contribute 39% to your overall course grade.

Late arrivers to scheduled exams will not be given extra time to complete the test.  Students who miss an exam are responsible for arranging for a make up exam. Students must contact the instructor prior to an exam if he or she is  unable to take the exam at the scheduled time.  If the student is unable to contact the instructor prior to the exam (i.e., in an emergency situation), the student must contact the instructor no later than one week after the missed exam to  reschedule.  No make-up exams will be scheduled after that time and the student will  receive a grade of zero for that exam. It will be left to the instructor’s discretion as to whether a make-up exam will be allowed.

Old exams given during previous academic years are provided in the tables below (pdf format) to help you study.  

F2007 Exam 1
F2003 Exam 1 F2002 Exam 1 F2001 Exam 1
F2007 Exam 2
F2003 Exam 2
F2002 Exam 2 F2001 Exam 2
F2007 Exam 3
F2003 Exam 3
F2002 Exam 3 F2001 Exam 3