Organic Chemistry I
Homework Problems

Suggested homework problems are listed on the syllabus for each topic area/chapter.   These problems will not be graded or collected. Please recognize that these are simple, short answer or open-ended problems unlike multiple choice exam questions, but they are intended to aid students in identifying their weaknesses early on in the studying process.  They are neither intended to be all inclusive of the material covered on an exam or in the format of exam questions.  Instead, these problems are intended to help students focus on concepts and self-evaluate their learning.  Doing homework problems from the textbook can be viewed as a "first phase"evaluation of your understanding of the concepts.  Old exams are also provided as study aids to illustrate examples of exam-type multiple choice questions.   The table below lists a few suggestions for how to approach working through homework problems and old exam questions:

Try to do problems BEFORE the material is covered in lecture.  Even if you can't do the problems, you will be focused and ready to accept and process the information necessary to solve the problems once the material is discussed in lecture. 
Let yourself get a little frustrated when working through the problems.  When it gets too difficult, look up the answer and work backwards through the problem.  Figure out why the answer that is given is correct.  When you first get started, use all your resources;  have your notebook and textbook open, work in groups.  Get the information first; test yourself later.
DO HOMEWORK PROBLEMS/OLD EXAM PROBLEMS  EVERYDAY!!! Going over your notes is important but you will not be asked to regurgitate your notes on an exam.  The exams consist of PROBLEMS.  DO NOT EXPECT TO DO WELL ON THE EXAMS IF YOU HAVE NOT DONE HOMEWORK PROBLEMS.
Focus on problem solving strategies when doing homework problems.  Learning how to do the problem is more important than simply getting the correct answer.