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Organic Chemistry II
Course Objectives

A list of content and skills objectives for the course are provided in the table below.   Look at these  frequently throughout the semester to check on which of these goals you have accomplished and which you have yet to achieve.
Content Objectives
Skills Objectives
To  identify reaction type and describe reaction mechanisms using the curved arrow convention  To design approaches for solving complex problems 
To apply stereochemical principles to reactivity and interaction between organic molecules To analyze and apply technical information obtained from texts and other written and oral sources
To predict relative rates of reactions using steric and electronic effects as part of a mechanistic rationalization  To work cooperatively with peers and instructors
To develop an understanding of structure-activity relationships and the impact of molecular structure on drug properties  To explain course content orally and in written form
To introduce the structure of complex, endogenous biological molecules (lipids, peptides, carbohydrates, nucleic acids) To understand and appreciate laboratory  methods and experimental design and their application to the pharmaceutical industry