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Organic Chemistry II
Spring 2017

All labs held on OB 217
Course Time & Location
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Room:  SC202
                  Section A: Monday       12:30-3:20pm        (Almansberger)           
                  Section B: Tuesday       8:00-10:50am        (Almansberger)
                  Section C: Tuesday       2:00-4:50pm          (Gemmill)
                  Section D: Wednesday  12:30am-3:20pm   (Almansberger)
                  Section E: Thursday      8:00-10:50am        (Gemmill) 
                  Section F: Thursday      2:00pm-4:50pm     (Gemmill)
                  Section G: Friday          10:30am-1:20pm    (Almansberger)
                  Section H: Friday          1:30-4:20pm          (Almansberger)
Students must pass both the laboratory and the lecture (>60) to pass the course.

Course Coordinator
Martha A. Hass, PhD
  OB 118B
Phone: (518) 694-7238     email:
Fax:  (518) 694-7202
Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
106 New Scotland Avenue
Albany, NY 12208