Organic Chemistry I

Grading Policies

Students must pass both the laboratory and the lecture portions (>60) to pass the course.
The final course grade for Organic Chemistry I is determined by student performance as described below.

Exams (39%) Three, hourly exams given during the course of the semester.  Each exam contributes 13% to the overall course grade.  See the syllabus for schedule.  Example hourly exams are available for review on the exam page of the  website. 
Quizzes/Gradebook (13%) Four or five unannounced quizzes or gradebook collections (See more information about the gradebook below.) given during regularly scheduled lectures. The quiz average/gradebook contributes 13% to the overall course grade.  Students may drop one quiz.  If a student misses a quiz, he/or she may "drop" the missed quiz. 
Final Exam (23%)

A cumulative final exam given during final exam week.
Laboratory Assignments (25%) Details about laboratory expectations and assignments can be found on the laboratory page for the course.

Students are required to keep their own personal grade book using the provided Excel spreadsheet (download via the link below).
After each graded assignment is posted, students are required to enter his/her grade into the the personal gradebook gradebook within 72 hours after grades have been posted/returned. Student gradebooks will be collected periodically throughout the semester and checked for accuracy and completeness.  Each gradebook collected will contribute to the overall Pop Quiz/Gradebook average. 

Gradebooks will be graded as:                                 
  • excellent (100%) 
  • satisfactory (80%) 
  • unsatisfactory (60%)
  • not handed in or completely inaccurate (0%)
  • The purpose of the gradebook is to encourage/require students to be fully aware of his/her academic status in the course throughout the semester.
  • Use the Organic Chemistry Grade Record spreadsheet to keep track of your grades during the semester.