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Organic Chemistry Laboratory I
Laboratory Practical

The objective of the laboratory practical exam is to assess the practical laboratory skills of students who have completed the laboratory component of the organic chemistry course. The exam will encompass a body of common laboratory techniques that are an essential part of current chemical and pharmaceutical practice.  Students have used these techniques in the many experiments completed throughout the Organic Chemisry I & II courses.  Preparation for the practical exam requires review of both the theoretical and practical aspects of the techniques described in each of the links below. 
Vacuum and Gravity Filtration
Boiling Point and Melting Point
Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) Acid/Base Extraction with a Separatory Funnel Simple and Fractional Distillation
IR Spectroscopy
NMR Spectroscopy
UV Spectroscopy
Mass Spectroscopy
Recrystallization & Using Drying Agents Using Pipets
Calculating Rf Values in Thin Layer Chromatography
Calculating Percent Yield and Percent Recovery

Laboratory Instructor
Sara Almansberger
Room  OB 221
Phone:  694-7344
Laboratory Instructor
Carlton Campbell
Room OB 217A
Phone: 694-7135
Laboratory Instructor
Trent Gemmill
Room OB223
   Phone:  694-7105